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Ok i liked it, it had the atmosphere, it had some descent jump-scares i liked the hole haunting thing. You can see our gameplay in our live stream ... Keep up the good work.. I may try it in Oculus Rift as well...

Hi there ...I ve bought this game and it says that it¨s playable also on Vr.. I run the game and no vr is available ...I own Oculus Rift .....Thanks ...

Thank you so much for your purchase! 

To run the game on Oculus you need to make sure you have the option set to allow 3rd party apps.  

Then run the game with the option -vr

and how can i set the vr option if i press launch the game starts withoug giving me the option to do anything else.....

Create a shortcut to the game ( you will need to find the game in your itchio folder)

Right click the shortcut and select properties

Where it says target you want to put your cursor at the end and add " -vr" that's space dash v r.  Your path to the game exe may need to be in quotes, if it does then add " -vr" after the quotation marks.

Now when you run the shortcut it should start in the Oculus