Thrushbriar Hall full version

Thrushbriar Hall has been released!

Thrushbriar Hall is a first person horror game where you play a paranormal investigator looking for your lost partner.  You get trapped inside the mansion and must solve puzzles and avoid the ghosts that live in its walls.

We recently showed Thrushbriar Hall at GDEX2018 and took home the award for Best Sound Design

Files 4 GB
Version 3 Oct 01, 2018

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why do we have to buy it uhh

Thank you for your question!  Poison Nut Games is a self funded independent studio meaning we currently don't have any investors and all of our expenses come out of our pockets.  We have been working on Thrushbriar Hall for 2 years now.  This release represents our finished product which will also be available on Steam and Oculus later this month.  We are pircing it the same across all platforms.  

If you wish to try our game we have a demo available on as well which is free.

I look forward to your feedback!  Thank you again.